SPEECHLESS : this is hero ^_^

"seorang pemuda Islam kaya di Perancis, sediakan 1 juta Euro untuk bayar saman terhadap muslimah yang berburqa dan berniqab."

well people you know right? france doesnt allowed their citizens (muslimah) or we called it as women especially muslim women to wear burqa or niqab. so they sue whoever muslimah that are stubborn to wear those kind of burqa and niqab. and what make me really felt touched was there was an Islam man.. who is rich.. is willing to save the dignity to all these niqab and burqa muslimah.. it's so kind of him :)

ahha, we just need to think positive okay people. some people might said that THE MAN MIGHT HAS SOME OTHER AGEND WHICH IS GOOD OR BAD. WE DON'T KNOW THAT.

yeah. we don't know that. so just pray to Allah for that. at least, he save muslmah's dignity from being humilated. :)

whatever is his intention. bad or good. just leave it to Allah. it's his matter between Allah and him. :)

A rich Muslim man in France, Rashid Nekkaz has put aside 1 million Euro and has vowed publicly to use it to pay the fines for all those Muslim women in France who choose to hold on their Burkas and Naqaabs .

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