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A story recorded by Allah in the Koran to be a lesson for mankind throughout the ages. Habil and the Qabil are two siblings. They both are children to the Prophet Adam But they fought not for the world but because they received one of the worship of God and the other rejected. At that time Allah determines the rules in the presentation to draw themselves to God.According to his memoirs if God accepted the offering, will come from the sky, the fire would lick. That event occurred on the qabil and habil. As the qabil make the presentation of the sacrifice that is called good, then God is not accepted him. Allah swt accept the habil and reject the performing by the qabil. The incident causing qabil felt jelous and killed habil,her brother. Such lessons can we learn here. Sometimes occurs by the so-called vicious competition a missionary organization of the other missionary organizations, willing to do whatever they attempt to disable and prevent the development of other organizations. It is not for the world to seize property, but the envy of other organizations to see more progress, grow and be blessed by the God of establishment. Then he made many efforts to sabotage the mission work done by other groups. This moral pillars of the missionary character of their grandfather inherited the qabil.
Qabil should make the correct conduct and good quality to Allah so that Allah accept his offering, not a spiteful act by the former, and killed him. Thus the history of the nature of her disease, always spiteful and trying to destroy the success of others, not return to her sincere and improve by practices so that they become better and be accepted by Allah. one of the good lessons is the story is reflected in the attitude of the habil, not the rhythm of the qabil, "If you Lent a hand to kill me, I'm not going to kill his hand.

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