:::: weekend ::::

usually during wekkend all my dormates including me..
will not woke up early as usual..
this is because the next day we dont have any class or activity.so we dont need to wake up so early. :)
but in the beautiful saturday morning.subhanallah.after subuh..as usual we sleep..
and aroung 7am..my frens woke me up..and asked me
"amal jum kite pergi giant?"..
and i at that time was a lil bit kinda of blur?hehe..
i thought everyone will be going so i had no choice i have to go..i dont want to stay alone myself at dorm..
emm but i saw amirah still sleeping..so i decided no going !! hehe
it is not that i dont want to spend my time with them..but going to giant will make my money flying and flying non stop..
and i dont want that to happen..
sorry ea guys..i luv u all <3>
p?s : to all my dormates..later we go to dataran nilai okey?i love the scenery there damn much..
till the next post..take care urself..love me and i love u too :) ..

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