sabr is the key

bring me to life


cant you see into my eyes

my hope

me and you

why i become so numb

the spirit is somewhere else

im lost

wake me up

i cant wake up

save me

call my name

and save my name from the dark

save me from the nightmare


Ya Allah strengthen my heart

Ya Allah make me strong

i know i can go through all this

i can

because all the tests that Allah gives to me

because Allah loves me

and Allah know i can handle it

it's just i have to handle it in a right way

insyaAllah insyaAllah insyaAllah

pray the best for me

i am trying my best

not to drown
not to sink

into this cruel world

i know i can do this

SABR SABR SABR is the key!

insyaAllah. Allahumma Ameen. :')

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