c ~~~~ u

siapa pandai mesti dia dapat teka tajuk atas tu :P

hehe *jk guys.

im hungry :/ yet i can't eat.

because it's already pass the midnight. hmm

it's all because i'm tired after practicing for the skit presentation.

well i'm the main actress ! mihihi

but i'm not that great in act. i don't know how to. i hope i won't make dissapoint my friends. :')


right now.. i feel like i'm having kind of jealous feeling

why? i don't know?

people said we can be jealous but make sure it's for the right thing. i don't know either my case is the right thing or not. i just

i just can't bear of it anymore. it has been almost 2-3 years :?

everything i keep inside.


and honestly, this feeling make me 'sick' with everything.

i feel like everyone is being hypocrite.

i don't know. may be it's a GIFT FROM ALLAAH..

that i can read people's mind sometimes, but i won't tell and i never tell people that SOMETIMES i know what they are thinking about...

and because of all this, sometimes i feel mad. at myself? haha.. i don't know.

it's just conflict in myself.

have you heard this one hadith. in Malay, it means

Daripada Abu Hurairah bahawa Rasulullah telah bersabda:”Bukanlah orang yang kuat itu orang yang selalu menumpaskan orang lain, sesungguhnya orang yang kuat itu adalah orang yang dapat mengawal diri ketika marah.”
(Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)

i want be a strong lady. strong girl. strong woman. who can control her anger towards anybody. towards everybody. i tried. tried. and tried. and i improve a lot. Alhamdulillah. i'm very proud of it :) 
i don't wish my everybody to love me. i have Allaah with me. always.

and i know. my parents, siblings love me too.

and i really want a TRUE FRIEND who always reminds of Allaah. who doesn't care about i'm being ugly.

i want a soulmate, that can bring me to Jannah that belong to Allaah.

i just want that. and i hope, one day i can have that.

i know.

Allaah is The Most Loving One.


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