sunday morning

good morning! :) 2.22 am here :)

dengar2 hotfm, housemates ade yg balik, and mostly dh tidur. tinggal amal dgn ika je. ika pn tgh tgk running man, so she can't hear anything. so yeah, dgr hotfm yg jiwang tu. melayan perasaan la kan ape lagi! hikhik..

macam nak je post lirik2 lagu kat timeline twitter tu tapi macam ramai lagi yang belum tidur kan sbb timeline bergerak sangat pantas. so tak berani nak post. nanti kene marah! hee..

padahal kan timeline amal. so sukati amal la :p haha no no, i have to consider sama about my neighbours :)

what to type here. hmm. not much. it's just i am always have this mixed feelings where i don't know why and what is it. i want something but i am not sure what is it.

and Alhamdulillah, some of my assignments are done. i am doing some list, and yeahh! i have checked 4 out of 6 in my list >_< *happy!!* ngee

no no i can't be happy yet. since the work that left in my list are all the hardest work. dush!! when i am gonna start doing my work huhhh! -__-

i need to remind myself every single day, hour, minute, and second.. not to waste time.. and i need to always to remember my purpose of living in this world. Allaah s.w.t.

i want to improve my relationship with people around me, and of course especially with Allaah s.w.t, my lord..  :)

yeah. fighting amalina!! :D

the faith begins when the fear ends. :)


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