SPEECHLESS : it was so..

assalamualaikum.. :)

today's classes.. alhamdulillah :)

just one.. examination results are not yet out. HA-HA. it'll be out around mid of november -__-

cuak kot! herm

it had been a long time since i did not have any packed timetable at all..

back to the past, in cfs.. only for the first and second semester i a bit busy.. not a bit.. YEAH REALLY BUSY.. but when it comes to the third semester.. wah.. it's like heaven. hahah. only take two subject :P

but now, okfine. back to normal. packed :P

according to our coordinator.. we can drop GENERAL LANGUAGE TRAINING subject because our spm's English was A.. i was think to drop that subject too.. hermm but when i entered the class.. it's interesting.. okay.. a bit confius now either wanna drop it or not.. hee.. let's the time running with me and then TUP!! tadaa! haa the decision is already there :D

alhamdulillah for everything for today :) it's sooo smoothly.. hee.. alhamdulillah..

and luckily it's not my agreement that had been rejected.. because im the person that like to be STRESS 'over the sea'.. hahah..

insya allah everything will run smoothly as the beginning was seem fine :) insya allah! :D

well, yeah it's a bit tired..

and i have to sleep early so that i wont be so sleepy in the morning class -__-

( can't burn the midnight oil anymore.. :P )

friends, do pray for me.. bai. assalamualaikum. ^__^

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