i so sorry ! :) ( with cute face ) hee ~~


hem3 ! suara agak tak nak keluar tatkala pagi2 embun macam ni tapi idea pulak terkeluar

maaf ! hee


sebenar nye ade satu masalah dalam diri amal ni . amal tak tahu ape namenyer and now amal rase amal dah dapat name nyer .

ape ntah orang panggil ? TEMPER TANTRUM ?
ahh whatever lahh . tapi itulah masalah amal sekarang .

sabar . ni nak bagitahu lahh ni ape tu temper tantrum .
tapi kan ATTENTION !! :

- my temper tantrum tak de lah teruk sangat sampai orang kate 'critical stage' .
-my temper tantrum just in the beginning aje . tak masuk stage pertama pun lagi .

okey , ape yang amal bace=read just now..
temper tantrum ni usually occur to kids around age 1-3 yrs old

TETAPI ! it also can occur to other ppl .

what is that ? aiyokk . okay2 i tell you .

temper tantrum can happen when a person deal with frustration either the physical, mental or emotional challenges of the moment.

Frustration physical like fatigue, hunger, thirst etc.
Mental frustration ni macam you face difficulty in performing tasks yang guna brain such as learning new things, difficulty to express your feeling using words etc.

and emotional frustration pulak lebih luas. It can be you tak puas hati dengan something/somebody so it raise your anger, you need something but you could not have it etc. 

and for your information , you can freely choose you are from which category .

as i am from which category ? HAHA .

there's no need to tell ppl . enough if you know that i just got caught by TEMPER TANTRUM .. ?? :P

here , one more thing need to be focus is when a person caught by TEMPER TANTRUM ,, can you logically think
what kind of attidude she/he having right now ? hemm ! :)
no / yes ? HAHA

temper tantrum ppl will have EGOCENTRIC attitude in theirselves ! it's not a faurytale ! it's a fact !

what is EGOCENTRIC ?                         

for your information EGOCENTRIC is where the ppl will ignore others opinion or whatsoever ..

alahh ego tak kan tak tahu ? susah nak terima pendapat orang lain.

and ppl , my friends especially ..
i am soo sorry if i had done bad to you ..
IF okay .. hehe
dont worry INSYA ALLAH i can control it..
i know myself :)
and ALLAH will help me :)

but ppl , i have to say a few words ( not a few actually )
hee ~~

i am truly sorry . from deep of my heart . i am sorry kayy ?
friends , if you had been sad BECAUSE OF ME ..
tell me then ..
i promise i will make you happy again . not HAPPY sgt lah kan but at least i want you to smile . :)

do inbox me , IM me .. just tell me if i had done wrong to you .. i'll try to fix it..hehe.. :(

dont worry i'll noy eat you okay.i am NOT CANIBAL . 

that is all .

thankyou very much people sebab sudi bace entry tak tentu hala amal nih sampai habis. makesure korang sediakan mata yang terbuka luas untuk membacenye.

p/s : this is my blog and i wrote my own entry , amal terima orang nak komen mcm2 or nak bg pandangan tentang blog ni atau ape2 ajelahh.tapi AMAL TAK TERIMA ORANG YANG CACI MAKI HAMUN orang lain..before you insulting other people , better you go and take a mirror and stand in front of it.REMEMBER OKAYY , nobody is perfect ! :) i am a learner.and always be a learner.LEARNING FROM THE MISTAKES.and bagi amal kesilapan adalah guru terbaik bagi mengajar kita dalam menjalani kehidupan agar kita lebih menghargai sesuatu.

assalamualaikum w.b.t :)

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