awesome !

OMG .. i really cant control my tears from coming out when i am too happy and too excited ..

haha yes it is weird . when i am sad i can control my tears but when i am too happy i CANT control it !!

so it makes ppl around me know that i am happy in that moment .

idk why ..but i get too excited when just now i saw something really BEAUTIFUL , CUTE , and AWESOME !!

subhanallah .. allah create his creation with full of love .. beauty and full of calmness ..

i like BUZZ !! haha

how to describe it..

first time i saw it .. nothing touch my feeling ..

2nd time i saw it .. still the same ..

but after that i didnt saw it anymore ..

and with my unconcious .. i kept finding it everyday .. huhu

and for this week .. it has been TWO times i saw it .. and i felt sooooo HAPPY ..

seeing one of this creation af allah making me more energetic .. more happy ..

the 'thing' that i love to see just nice and beautiful as this sunset .. it is hard for usto see it but once we can see it .. we can get stunt by it .. because it is so beautiful <3

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