assalamualaikum ..
asasi uia..semester dua..dah pun nak habis :) ape lagi..bercuti semester lah kite lepas ni.hehe.tapi before cuti tuu kite kene jawab exam final dulu okee :D

oke.i am the people who dont like to beat around the bush.let me straight to the point about what i am going to write here.

it is about one of my dormate.WE actually dont know and really dont have any idea about what is happen to her.this is because SHE dont talk to us almost a month! WE did try to talk to HER and try to invite HER whenever my friend treat us for dinner or whatsoever..but SHE ignore us..TOTALLY..i dont WE have any mistakes towards HER? one of my friend did asked her..and SHE JUST SAID "JAP.NAK YM"..and yet,my friend waited for her..and at reply from her at all..why do you feel afraid of us?we didnt eat you..did we?? at least..WE DO TRY TO TALK TO YOU..BUT YOU DO NOT MAKE ANY EFFORT AT ALL..u treat us like you are so perfect and we are very very imperfect.its look like you are an angel.but please dont be front of us.u said that u dont friend with men.but in ur fb,most of ur friends are men!..what is this?

one more..if you are really pious person..why you didnt talked to us?almost a month..did you know even if we,muslims didnt talk more than three cause us know that??

and least WE..did try to talk to you,,and here also you are the one who ignoring us..WE ARE SORRY IF WE DO ANY MISTAKES TOWARDS YOU.. 

if you wanna know..maybe not all..but most of us..feel weird..why you suddenly something with siincerity..
thank you..
love you all <3

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