selamat kembali :)

quite been a long time since i did not updating this blog at all.. later i'll update it more okay..dun happy.. :) insya allah we'll find our way..hehe.. oke..since da lme xupdate blog first post today is.. yesterday night was awesome.. i went out..with my beloved dormates.. SHIFA..JIHA..LYA.. first of all sorry to wani sbb awak ade kelas time ni..and sy rase this is our first time keluar without you..agk rase kekurangan,.hehe and the most important..yg xde dalam gambar ni.. lya.. thanks sbb ambik gambar ktorang semua..and thanks jugak for your camera..hehe credit to her.. it was thaipusm..and we got nothing to do..just sitting in clumsy dorm..haha.. and at night..we decided to go out..for a dataran nilai..just 4 of us..yg lain busy dgn hal diorang..malas nak ganggu..hehe we ate burger at dataran nilai...that burger we bought from makcik's cafe.. credit again to makcik's cafe.. :D and kononnye lepas balik tu..semangat nak study lahh kan..but bile sampai je dorm.. ahh soooo tired..we fall bantal lah nampaknye.. dengan semangat dan azam baru di pagi jumaatt ini..kami nak study..oke laa.. nampaknye akan menjadi plan hari ni utk study.. insyaallah !! :D and to shifa..this is your first time kot??xbalik di hujung minggu..selalunye awak balik kan!!hehe hope you feel enjoy spend up your weekend with us d-2-8.. :) later,on the next post..i promise..i'll post something else for u all to read..for post is SPECIAL CREDIT TO MY DORMATES..SHIFA..JIHA..WANI..AND LYA.. <3 .. :)

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