today 22 nov 2010.. i dont know why?? but i felt really2 full with energy.. so what am i going to do with my energy?hehe going to class !! =D yeahh i love it damn much SOMETIME.. kekeke but know what..SOME OF MY CLASS TODAY WAS CANCELLED..AND WE WERE NOT INFORMED.. haha oke..when im really2 want to go to class will cancelled..but when i feel lazy to go..the class is on!!hehe why it happen like that..yerkss..hehe oke dont do bad things amalina.. WAKE UP WORK UP must not be lazy oke gurl!! =D (saying to myself till death ) im just finish my english assignment..with madam and mj.. now HERE COME NEW ASSIGNMENT..haha..i know it.. never free from doing assignments..kikikiki emm what?? oke2.. on monday..the first day on the first week after come back from raya haji.. lists of my assignments are : 1. memorize surah al-mu'minun 2. memorize surah al bayyinah 3. memorize surah al-zalzalah 4. memorize surah al-adiyat 5. memorize surah al-qariah 6. memorize surah al-takathur 7. memorize surah al-asr 8. memorize surah al-humazah 9. memoriza surah al-fil 10. memorize surah quraysh 11. work up presentation week 14 on sociolinguistic.. oke..we can see from the above that i need to memorize 11 surah.. =D i dont know wht should i say.. im taking BENL..but now i only can see that most of my assignments does not come from BENL co course.. haha.. im juat praying to allah that HE can make me more strong..

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