the time now is 0042..huahua.. sume orang da tido..nope sume..most..tgl aku n sorang lg kat bilik tb.. we got nothing to do acctually..dah r panas mlm2 ni..hehe ape lagi..gunekan kemudahan laptop yg diberi..hikhik by the class was already started..on 06 JUNE 2010 .. with the first class..ermm..what aaar the subject?haa..yeahh INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN SCIENCE.. still dont know wht was tht subject abt..bcz..on the 1st day..the lecturer came.. n then..we had our taaruf..haha an hour..just burn like tht..without any topic abt intro to HS.. is okay..maybe the lecturer just wanted us to release our nervous to be in the first day of class!yeahh of coz.. 27 students in my class..among of it..only 5 students are boys..hehe.. where are boys??is there any boys in this world..hahah kiddin' .. =P okay next..go on with my 2nd day of classes..hahah..2morrow..with DRAMA CLASS , COMMUNICATION SKILLS CLASS , ESSENTIAL ENGLISH GRAMMAR CLASS , UNDERSTANDING ISLAM CLASS , AND ENGLISH CLASS FOR LEVEL6 ..wahh all these classes are in a day! im going to be word.. =P wht can i do?haha.. i have to finish my foundation only in one must damnly work hard..argh..haha after that.. INSYA ALLAH ..i'll go to main campus in combak..hee~~ hermm oh yeahh..hw abt books?? wow.. amazing..great..awesome..dont know wht to say.. the total of 5 books may costs rm250++ haha now..wht i must do is..dont ever give i rite? =D i dont know..y it is so hard for me to sleep tonite.. erghh.. want to out already.. 0130 =D 08-06-2010 .. truth , -amalina mahadhir- .. =)

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